since 1977

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Your satisfaction is our glory.


Since 1977, being the first and still the strongest one-stop home decor store, the company has neither failed to complete any contracts undertaken nor failed to deliver on a timely manner.


Experienced in solutions for modern day living, Glory Decor are proud to have been associated with designers and architects for many years, bringing to fruition their designs and requirements in the field of home furnishing.


Working as a team with our designers, we are aware of the need to ensure end-client satisfaction at all times and thus enhance the reputation of the designer.


Many designers have found our service invaluable in ensuring their ideas are correctly interpreted and implemented to achieve ultimate client satisfaction.




We are proudly known as hign-end soft furnishing, carpet and outdoor furniture supplier for luxurious hotel, commercial and residential in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.


Please enjoy our website and take a closer look at how we can help you with and what we can do to ensure your clients' satisfaction - or, if you prefer to talk, you can reach us by clicking here to visit the contact page.